When to use?
Biodent oral care products are used where there is frequent use of sugar and suboptimal brushing.

How often to use?
Use BioC chx tooth varnish every two months or use EC40 every 4 months. 

Instructions for use
Apply a thin layer with a dental luer lock tip at clean and dry tooth surface that is difficult to clean with brushing. Avoid contact of chlorhexidine varnish with the tongue. Chlorhexdine varnish tastes bitter. Use Biodent varnish with chlorhexidine no more than ¼ applicator at a time.

Apply to the neck of the tooth

Apply to the chewing surface

Apply between the teeth; floss

Do not eat or drink for 5 minutes after application; then, brush the varnish away with a toothbrush. Spit out small residual bits.