Biodent tooth varnish
Supports a healthy oral environment 
Oral bacteria and dental plaque have a protective effect. Dental plaque protects against wear and contains substances that strengthen the enamel.
Moreover, a healthy environment in the mouth protects against mutans streptococci, bacteria that convert sugars into acids, see the picture below.

Chlorhexidine dental varnish can be used to support the natural resistance to unfavourable bacteria on the teeth. The best known varnish with a high percentage of chlorhexidine for this purpose is EC40. This product was placed on the market by Explore Multidisciplinary research group consisting of M.J.M. Schaeken and J.S. van der Hoeven. Now, Biodent BV produces and sells EC40 with 20% chlorhexidine diacetate and BioC with 10% chlorhexidine. For the effects of Biodent’s varnishes, see the graph below.

Biodent chx tooth varnish is sold as a health product and that means that we are not allowed to advertise for the efficacy. If you have a question about this, you can send us an email:

Please ask for a sample.